What I read yesterday and today #3

Article #1: Don’t worry if you hated your first term at uni – it gets better

This is a student blog. The author is first year student, I guess, and he/she is spending his/her first term in Cambridge. He found it intimidating at first with no clubs or social life. However, as time pass by, he/she made friends and life in uni gets better.

Article #2: What You Need to Know About Obama’s Gun Control Plan

– See more at: https://sojo.net/articles/what-you-need-know-about-obamas-gun-control-plan#sthash.gfuI8gvl.dpuf

Yesterday, US President Mr. Obama had a public talk about gun control law that he is trying to tighten to prevent any gun accident or mass shootings. There are four points in his plan which is: background checks, community safety, mental health, and gun safety technology.

Article #3: 9 Everyday Behaviors That Can Make Smart People Look Dumb

Source: Huffpost

This is the list of 9 things that people may unintentionally make. Mostly about words and communication skills. there are also advice not to drink, not to walk too fast or slow which I don’t agree.