What I read today! 02

Today I felt like I’ve read the greatest story ever. The story is posted on Minnpost with the title “There will be blood”. I’ve got attracted to the name because it’s short, very straightforward but very stunning.

This feature story is written with waves, means there are ups and downs. All it about is a unconventional business. The main character here is Berg. He is the founder of Scene Clean, a company specialized in taking care of death bodies after police officers have done their investigating jobs. This means that they have to face the gruesome aspect of killing scene like movies such as murder or suicide.

I really admire this story because of two reasons.

First of all, the style of the author is easy to understand. He uses vivid adjective to describe the gross scene that Berg and the team have to clean. When I read it, I can imagine them touching brain matter or the wax-like fat or the poisonous smell.

Secondly, I appreciate the hard work that people of Scene Clean is doing. Especially Berg, he has great sense of humor when he considers blood with ketchup and other things with macaroni (if I were to see the scenes with my own eyes, I’ll never eat macaroni again =)))

However, it’s sad to know that there are some places in the world where people have nothing to do with each other, even they are neighbors. How can the bodies be left for months before someone from banks come to notice the deceased. In Vietnam, there’re probably no business like this but I think we may need some in the future because people are getting far apart. They live in the same neighborhood but they don’t know each others’ names. They don’t greet, they don’t talk or anything.



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