What I read today! – A freezing cold day

This is supposed to be the week I spend on revising my knowledge about every subjects that I learnt during first semester of this second year of student life, but I am too lazy. Yesterday, after going back home from my aunt’s banh mi store, I eat some sweets and then go to sleep. After I woke up, it was already 2pm in the afternoon so I put my sport wears on and do some exercises under the incredibly warm sunlight. The rest of the day, I promised to myself that I have to study for my upcoming exams but I slept.

This morning, I woke up as normal, which was not normal at all because I went to bed very early yesterday so I am supposed to wake up early this morning. Anyway, I felt like every plans seem to fail. My research partner sent me the research proposal that she wrote. I am supposed to write it with her but she has done it already. I felt so guilty 😦

Enough story! This morning, I read

VICEWe Talked to One of the World Trade Center Bombers About ISIS and Mass Shootings

This article really show another aspect of one of the biggest issue nowadays, which is ISIS. Before reading this interview on VICE, I, like many people in my neighborhood in Vietnam, though of IS as an evil group. They kill people, they burn pilot, they rape, etc. However, we have never question ourselves whether what they are doing is merely because of their religion. It’s not. They are doing that partly because they, their families, their people have been killed by extreme bombings from the West. “Tuc nuoc vo bo” is Vietnamese proverb, which generally means if the water pressure is too high, the dam will break. Here, the scene of killing has pushed Mulism people to a state that they have to stand up, break their limit of tolerance and fight back. Although, their way is rather too extreme and out of the moral boundary.

Link: http://bit.ly/1lpIlRF


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