Writing class!

I started a writing class 5 weeks ago and I realized that my writing are suck. You know, like, I am really bad at arguing. My arguments are bad, it’s not convincing at all. I always use my common sense to judge things And, I barely do research for any topics or issues.

Now, with the help of my teacher, I’m trying to get me to the right direction. I’m trying to collect evidences and try to evaluate them before concluding. But it’s hard you know. I felt very sleepy everytime I have to read something.

I also want to improve my critical thinking therefore I downloaded many books about it. I printed them out to read. I’m reading The Demon – Haunted World. I also gonna read Asking the Right Question.

Ok wish me luck


Bad conversation with my dad

Yesterday, I had a fight with dad. He wanted me to go to the bathroom but I said no, i was surfing the webs and didn’t feel like doing anything else. So, he got angry and he yielded at me. I went upstairs and he did too. I opened my closet and just sat there for a long time. He was out and when he came back, I was still sitting there. He got angry again and he said that I was so stubborn. He started breaking things. He spoke dirty words and even got angry with my grandma. I got in the bathroom and thought he wasn’t worth respected because he didn’t respect anyone. So, we are still in cold war right now. I don’t want to talk to him and he neither.

Oh Gosh, I want to earn my own money and move out right now. So bad, so bad