c’est jeudi

“it’s Thursday” can be translated to French as “C’est jeudi (no capital needed)”, “On est jeudi” or “nous sommes jeudi”







et dimanche

J’aime le vendredi :))


Fawng xef

Another post about my French study journey. But I want to start this post with my feeling on my date with Paul (a french + 33 years old guy). I got to the Havana coffee shop, which is very far from my house, by bus. I started going out at 2.00 pm because I didn’t want to be late. I got there and I ordered a cup of Earl Grey tea. While waiting for him to come, I read The Bone Collector. When he finally shown up, he ordered a bow of coconut ice cream, which is very expensive (5 times more expensive than mine). OMG. What a rich boy! I don’t want to spend so much money on a bowl of ice cream and I am trying to get fit so even he told me to order it, I said no :)). Anyway, it was funny talking to him although his Vietnamese is fairy hard to understand and sometimes I use words that are new to him. We chatted for more than 1hr30 and he said he’ve got business to do so he had to go. He paid the bill, I said next time is on me :)). We said goodbye and I went home by bus

OK just to tell the feeling :)) It’s interesting talking to a foreign guy 🙂

French words

difficile: difficult

C’est difficile.

nombreux: numerous

impossible: 😀

différent(es): different

clair(e): clear

fort(s): strong

pauvre(s): poor

gros(se): big, thick

dur: hard, tough (cứng)

important(s): important

génial: genius

mauvais: bad

French again

I attemped to learn English collocations or some French words this morning but I have so many buzz things went around such as customers. Therefore, I kept delaying my study :(((

Now, here are some French words I learned today (adjective)

– même: same

j’a une même robe.

– première: first

je suis la première etudiante dans son classe

– dernière: last

And bonus an English collocation:

– alleviate pain: giảm đau

Plan for Study Change



– use English vocabulary in use to BROADEN MY LEXICAL RESOURCE

– use English collocation in use to MAKE MY WRITING SMOOTHER


– Continue learning with Duolingo

– Read simple French books

I want to be the change

My body, my thinking, my studies,… everything around me. I want a BIG CHANGE

Start from my study because it affects my career. I signed Mr Nam’s writing class, which will start some where between 8~16/8. Because it will begin more than 1 month from now, I have time to strengthen my grammar skill together with my vocabulary. One of the prerequisites for this Advanced class is that I have to completely master English grammar. And I know, deep in my heart, that I am not very good at grammarr. Argh.

Fitness is my second concern right now. I have found Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide and her clients’ results. It was incredible and wonderful and the results are worth desired. But, I keep telling myself that I will change today or tomorrow without any specific actions. I am useless. Damn. I don’t want to be useless. I want determination, I want real commitment not sheer words. Now I swear that I AM GOING TO CHANGE TOMORROW (cause it’s afternoon now :D) Anyway, studying material carefully is a good idea to start the change right?

Besides studying English, I am working on my French. It’s completely not a waste of time spending time on learn a third language because money is getting harder to earn. Plus, knowing another language is knowing another culture, I love culture study :))