Irresponsible business

Yesterday morning, T brought home a heavy bag of text books that she received from her teacher. I had told her that she shouldn’t buy from school and buy from an old book store instead because it is not only cheaper but it can also contain some notes that previous user had written. Anyway, she didn’t listen to me and inssisted buying from her teacher. OK fine. Well, get back to yesterday when she opened the bag and checked the books. We all surprised when we looked into the official price. It was only 364.000 vnd but her teacher asked her to submit 410.000 vnd. In addition, of all the text books there is a book called “lich su Ha Noi”. This book costed 20.000 dong and my sister had already had it because she got it from the text books bag she bought last year (this book is used for all grades in high school). I think her school was responsible in chccking whether their students have to use which books in their course because obviously, there are some spare workbooks. My sister would never touch them for the whole school year.


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