Start from scratch

Hot day as today is a not really perfect time to start a blog but I have learned from many English teaching video that if I want to be good at writing, I have to keep writing :)) I am not in favor of writing long entry or blog. I don’t know why, may be I am not a profound thinker. I rather say it short, if I have many things to say I will make it long. My English skill is not good, not to mention is bad but I am working on it to improve it. I start this blog for the only reason is to share my memories and practice. :))

Now, I’m writing and thinking at the same time. I’m thinking about my study, about my shape, my weight, my skin … Just want to name the objectives here so that I can remind myself what I am making effort for:

– Smooth skin, not white or pink pearl skin. I prefer dark skin because someone told me that tanned skin makes me look healthy (and attract foreign boys :D)

– English, French and Spanish are three languages that I want to learn before I reach 20. I want to achieve something when I am 20. I got jealous with Duong at my work because she can speak English, French, Spanish and German fluently. Of course, her family is rich and she goes to Alexandre Yersin school with friends are foreigners from many country and she has been learning French for 12 years of course she has to be fluent in those languages but I still feel uncomfortable that English is the only foreign language I know and I don’t even fluent in it.

– Guitar, I ask my Dad to buy me guitar, I bought book to learn guitar myself, I do a course of guitar for beginner (and I quit because of the excuse for my homework). I am too lazy to practice it everyday. Now, I am regretting because if I was more determined then in this up coming military duty at Hoa Lac, I would be able to show off my guitar skill.

– Good shape. I was very skinny at high school because  I follow HIIT. I did HIIT every single day and I ate little of carbohydrate. I became skinny fat. My arm was very thin and looked unhealthy but my belly was full of fat. I had to gain weight and I fail to come back to work out routine. Now, I am fat. Everytime I pray, I wish for determination to loose weight :)))

– SCHOLARSHIP, my parents always tell me story about their friends’ children success in achiving a scholarship. I want too, I want to learn in a foreign country

OK, that is the end of this blog. I’m going to do French homework 🙂


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